While we don't have the massive kitchen inventory we used to carry we're still a proud retailer for some of the finest kitchenware around. Zwilling and Staub products adorn each Sunworker's kitchen in some form or another. Be it Kitchen knives, frying pans, cocottes and so much more we're proud to be able to order these top quality products for you. Check out their website here, we're able to order it so long as it shows on their website. 




Browne and Company 

Most famously known for supplying us with Emile Henry we're happy to maintain our working friendship with Brown and Company which supplies us with any number of things from peelers to ceramic cocottes to bread cloches and so much more. Give us a call if you're looking for something specific and we'll see if we can get ahold of it for you. Emile Henry products can be found here.


Call us at the store 403.341.3455

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