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Our kitchen space is nearly done.

Nietzsche said "what does not destroy us makes us stronger" and certainly we are seeing this unfold in real time across the world during The Event. We are starting to heal our wounds, rethink how we do business, improve, and adapt. 


Here at Sunworks we are working diligently to become more robust and applicable to this era. As Amazon's founder becomes the world's first trillionaire thanks to the marvels online shopping, Sunworks is finally building its first online site. Presently we have 957 products up on the site at We however have no goal to become an internet giant. Our goal remains as it has from the beginning: to provide the community with high quality products and service that bring joy and improve people's lives, and to provide a good living for those we employ.


We've always thought of Sunworks as a community business to help support culture in our city, particularly in the downtown. Because we believe that when the heart of the community beats strongly the whole community is healthy. And so we continue to do what we can to make our city a more vibrant place.


We reopened on the 15th with smiles on our faces, sanitizer at the door, and caution in our approach. We were pleased to see a few people each of the first three days. It's a start, not enough to pay the bills but that will come we trust. Thank you to each of you who are following our progress, rooting for our success and the success of the downtown, and supporting us and other local stalwarts. We appreciate you. For those of you whom we saw physically this week... what a joy to see your faces. We wish we could have hugged you as well. For those that shopped online, we are so grateful.


Last week we finished installing the counters and the plumbing and received approval from AB Health to open our food service. There are still things to finish up before we can truly get underway. Baking bread is a daily thing now and today I'm figuring out the to go menu. I'm open to ideas... so dish! We will resurrect scones like we had at The Coconut Room. I'm thinking about a few salads, and some pastries. And we want to bring back the flavours enjoyed from around the world. Meanwhile, we are thinking about an order ahead services through the website. Order your lunch by 10 a.m. for example and we'll have it ready for pick up. Would this be something that appeals to you?


Besides the kitchen we've been busy in the store restocking the shelves and ordering new product. We have quite a number of new pieces from Dawn Candy. If you're a collector, now would be the time to have a look.  All of them are on the website as well.


Other things that have arrived: Swedish dishcloths, soy candles, and hot sauces. Several shipments are on their way to us this week as well. We've got the world's best frypans coming from Belgium, Bob Kramer knives, double walled glassware from Germany, socks, aprons, dishtowels, Secrid wallets from Holland, iron hooks, knobs, and new Chiliwich mats...


It's going to be a busy week finding homes for all of the product, getting the menu organized, stocking the coolers, and finishing the details on the kitchen. And that's just Sunworks. Tribe is paddling along at the same pace as it prepares to reopen on the 27th for takeout and delivery, and June 3rd for dine in. 


  1. Janet Clark Janet Clark

    When in Red Deer, I always loved your hummus and veggies from the Coconut Room!
    Hope to see you soon. Best of luck..

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